Micro Irrigation and play fields

A weather station should be built to enhance the Computerized Maintenance Management System and provide educational and fun weather reports by Computer. The buildings, paths, train tracks, roads and sk8 park will be hard surfaces, porous when possible.  That precludes large turf fields, but elevation contours will suggest locations for intensively managed turf fields. Traditional […]


The general purpose of Clubhouse is to provide a “wild night out on the town” for twelve year olds.  See drawing. The sk8 area on the left includes an Ambrosia and Breast Milk bank.  Ambrosia is peaches, cream, honey, bananas and eggs thinned to preference with orange juice by Computer.  Sk8ers can travel up a ramp into […]


Drawings of these two are not in the site, but I have a painting of Campfire. Playhouse is for creativity in many forms.  Gardening activities will fall into two categories, temporary and long term.  Temporary activities include sand mud and water play, creating rivers, lakes, dams, etc., for short term pleasure.  The long term activities […]

Personalize and Customize

Many new subscribers, about 200 and increasing exponentially.  Hence more blog posts! To enhance feelings of safety and control it is desirable to customize many aspect of the hotel and playground experience.  This turns the room into “my room”. In the room the Masters will be able to choose the rug and wall art, teddy […]


The comment “shower required” found in the Reception blog is a great way to introduce the topic of staff training.  The comment does not mean “Masters must have a shower”, but ” a shower must be available upon Master request”.  This speaks to fundamental differences with the current system and anticipated difficulties training those with […]


After completing the screening visit with computer a warm welcome is required.  The reception area includes infrastructure for the Train, Counsellor’s hotel, and Mechanic.  The screening takes place in a bullet proof glass cylinder, an Italian product.  Details have been stolen along with many specifications and drawings. The goal is to demonstrate to the Master […]

Research News

Greetings to subscribers Joe, Lucas, Robert and Tony. Interests/needs include:  Detailing for the columns to support the main hotel façade.  Drawings for flying lawn/net system on roof.  Fairly detailed concept, but no drawings or other written record. Resolution of the tunnel/bridge issue in the infrastructure corridor.  Detailed plans for the main cart bridge, train access, […]


Infrastructure and programs for those in wheelchairs has been a part of our plan from the beginning.  More than a decade ago we contacted various representative organizations and famous people in wheelchairs.  None have responded and are presumably either dead, useless, or professionals. The sk8 park features a ride from the apex (bunge jump) and […]


To our many new visitors around the world, including India, Austria, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Norway.  We appreciate your interest and encourage bids on KEEP. Blair +1ShareTweetSharePinShare0 Shares