Keep is not a prison.  Masters would be allowed to go when reasonable.  An eight year old with a hot dog announcing he is leaving at 11:00 PM to feed a cougar he spotted in the woods would not be allowed out. That does not mean we hate eight year olds and cougars.  Lawsuits, newspaper articles, etc., based on such idiocies would not be encouraged.

The most likely location would be near a small town in the interior. We would fund cultural amenities in the town, and even fund improvements to their police force.  The Police may have to be retrained.  Also we may fund infrastructure improvements.  Visits to Keep would be allowed sometimes.

Our interest in the town would be based on the need for staff housing.  The question arises, why would a Master want to go to the town?  Why would a customer fund such activities?  We would provide transportation to the town for valid events.

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