This post is based on much more detailed information and specifications stolen along with our  computer!  A hasty summary is better than no post at all.

Computer would be a mainframe in the main hotel.  Estimated cost $100,000 for the mainframe, $6 million for software.  Also the clinic, kitchen and computer will require clean rooms.

Computer monitors vandalism and our computerized maintenance management system.  Direct digital control and variable frequency drives in the HVAC for efficiency.  A high sampling rate is possible with the mainframe, adjusting set points and responding to needs.  “Bothering computer” charges are based on vandalism and animate the infrastructure/buildings.

Natural language learning will result from interaction between masters/staff and computer.  The rooms have no camera for privacy reasons, and the microphone clearly shows when it is on or off.  Fire protection, like every thing else at Keep, is computerized.  There are three stages to fire response.  1. based on smoke detection is responded to with a fire extinguisher. 2. Heat alarm results in room misting (smart sprinklers) and evacuation.  The Core, lounges and elevators are positive air pressure zones for fire safety.  Pneumatics required for the smart sprinklers, and possibly so many actuators a separate page will be required for Pneumatics if we proceed with that system.  Appointments and queing are computerized.  A cohort would form outside the event, such as Jump.  Turns issued on a first in first out basis, with exceptions.  For example a Master with no previous visits would be given priority.  No line ups, just lounging on street furniture while waiting for turns.

Sk8 and Kart helmets have piezoelectric transducers which relay information about intensity, direction and duration of impact to the Physician.  The red alert program would provide real time support for surveillance and weapon systems.  Software for academic, culinary, and court record programs required.  External phone may be limited by Court.

Newspaper, radio and video shows in house are a possibility.  Video games may be censored, but only for extremely cruel videos requested by Masters of tender age.  Tribunal ruling will determine Porno/violence ratings.  Masters would have customized medical and legal files, for example, whether eggs should be included in Ambrosia requests. Simulators would of course require software.  Raspberry PI programming in the forts would be monitored by central computer for safety and duration control.  Midi software would be required for Fragile House and Clubhouse, maybe private rooms.

Other special needs for software include the legislation program. laundry, food, housekeeping, catering, etc.

More to follow.  This is just a rough early summary of computer.

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