ACTIVE PLAY AREA   Motor play area for all heights

ADMINISTRATION   Servant, Physician, Lawyer

ALERT TEAM    One third of Counselors, responsible for first aid, incidents, fire

APPOINTMENTS  1.  Algorithms for queing at play features.  2.  Meetings

ART  Products of Playhouse program

AWARDS  Trophies for sports, arts, academic and cultural program.


CAMPFIRE  Building in middle/creative playground for overnight camping

CHEF Reports to Physician.  Automated service usually with special events.  Nine to five no overhead

COMPUTER  A virtual personality residing in the Hotel.

CREATIVE PLAY AREA  Organic, passive contemplative area.

COURT  1.  Top floor of boys tower  2.  Time out rooms 3. Lawyers office

CUSTOMERS  Individuals or organizations paying for reservations, placement plans, medical/dental insurance, etc.

DECISION  Servants ruling and remedy.

DELIVERY SYSTEM  Transfer of food, equipment, etc., from Truck to Train to Mechanic or Freezer

DETENTION  Arrest based on Silly List.

DRIVER  Master approved by Mechanic and Computer to operate a go=cart.  Infrequent adult use.

ECOLOGY   1.  Mapping and monitoring air, water, sound, etc., quality.  2.  Maintenance management system  3.  Micro-irrigation system  4.  Recycling, art, Sterling engine?  5.Water and sewage treatment.  6. Alternative energy

FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING   Lawyer and software.

FIRE RESPONSE  1.  Response team and Home Counselor contingency plans  2.  Smart sprinklers

FORUM  1.  Political meeting building in tall/creative playground  2.  Events, speeches, award ceremonies, etc.

FLOOR MASTERS  Masters elected to represent one floor/age/gender in Hotel.

FRAGILE HOUSE  Building in tall/creative play zone for quiet and refined arts/crafts/discussion.

FREE COUNSELLORS  Youngest and most available Counselors

FREEZER  Food storage in Kitchen on first floor of Hotel

GRADES  Assigned by Computer to academic performance

GO-CART SYSTEM  1.  Three tracks; racing, view and street.

GROWLER  Martial arts in area in tall active playground

GULF  Water play area for 0-7 and parents.

HOME COUNSELLOR  Generally more experienced and remains on the same floor.  2.  Minor cleaning and staff shift planning.

HOUSE KEEPING/CLEANING  Once a week, organized by home counselor, alert team and physician.

JUMP  Wall climbing building in tall active play area.

KITCHEN  On hotel first floor, room service

LAWYER  Member of the bar, 9-5 no overhead.  Hiring based on grades.  3.  Defend Masters,  4. Accounting

LIGHTING SYSTEM  1.  Buildings  2.  Esthetic and flood systems for playground.

LINGUISTICS  Translation and voice recognition

MASTERS   Children with paid reservations, ages birth to twenty inclusive, 360 girls, 360 boys.

MASTERS LOUNGE  Lounge and elevator adjacent to one age and gender (one floor).

MECHANIC  Mechanic responsible for maintenance, warranties, go-carts, safety, etc.  Reports to Physician.

MIDDLE PLAY ZONE  In active and creative areas, ages apx. 7-11, access based on height.

MONEY  1.  Goods and services are free for Masters  2.  Computer sets limits, but appeal is available via floor and tower Masters.

PARENTS LOUNGE   Floor awaits Architects design.  2.  For Parents and Masters under seven.

PARTNERS  1.  Government, Corporate, Faith Groups, Service Organizations.  Lawyer will be hired early and develop agreements.  3.  Possibly a First Nations owned Hotel.

PHILOSOPHY  Protect and nurture at a reasonable cost.

PHYSICIAN  Licensed MD 9-5, no overhead, hiring based on grades.

QUEING THEORY  Time sharing software intended to provide fair access to playground equipment/activities.

ROOMS  Forty interior designs required for private rooms and lounges.

SERVANT  Older, preferably a parent.  At least a ten year live in agreement required.  Experience in environmental psychology, child and youth care, hotel management, family practice, family and youth court, etc.

SHERIFF  1.  Reports to Lawyer.  2.  Leader of Alert Team shift.  3.  Perimeter security Memo with Police, Fire ,Ambulance, etc. 4.  Prosecutes Silly List allegations.

SHIFT SCHEDULING  Hone Counselors and Computer

SHORT PLAY ZONE  Adjacent to Hotel building, ages 0-6 inclusive

SILLY LIST   1 Informal criminal code  2.  Record of Servant’s decisions and reasons.

Sk8 PARK  1.  Five acres in tall active play zone.  2.  Rope tow, computer, paraplegic friendly.  3.  1/2 area for novice, 1/4 for intermediate, 1/4 for extreme sk8.

STAFF  1.  Essential service status.  2.  Young except for Servant.  3.  Hired by Servant, with a vote from Physician and Lawyer.  4.  One Counselor for every six Masters.  Cleaning team arranged once a week in an automated environment.

SUPPLIERS  Concern of Mechanic and Chef.

TALL PLAY ZONE  Ages 12-20 inclusive

TELEPRESENCE   Immersive conference room and virtual private network.

TOWER MASTERS  Elected by Floor Masters with regular administrative input.

TOWN OFFICE  Hiring, sales, suppliers, community support, placement planning, transportation.