Note that the wall between the food prep and dining areas is low, allowing sight lines.  “S” means sound barriers between dining areas.  The awning area features a beautiful garden.  Fragile House is for calm discussion, fine arts, pastries, tea and coffee, etc.  No Kart parking, wheelchair path and sk8 to entrance.

Fragile House is similar to a school, and Computer is similar to a teacher.

One of the first pages viewed by a Master includes links to school, kitchen, playground, and voting.  Some mandatory testing is introduced at this stage (safety training).  F.H. courses are developed by Computer based on both knowledge domain and Master profile.  Elective courses are created by Computer based on Master identified need.

Testing is for credit courses, and proctor services are provided at F.H.  Also a media lab is there to aid in house courses development, including staff training.  Collaboration, performance and discussion clubs happen at F.H.  Non credit courses are based on the “pull” model, with self paced mastery learning.

Computer provides conferencing systems, polling and quiz systems, workspaces, white boards, grade reports and assignments.  Academic clubs may form, eg., BMX physics. Computer acts as a software agent to prevent cognitive overload, and to record Masters knowledge, goals and preferences.  Awards are available for scholars.

Internet access is controlled by whitelist and blacklist.  The first provides a list of suitable web sites, education and clean entertainment.  Links from these sites to pathological sites make a blacklist necessary.  Tribunal the final authority, with Master voting input.  The internet is too valuable to avoid altogether.  E mail, snail mail, phone, tv, radio, group player games all available.  Censorship to be kept to the minimum necessary.