Ongoing research

Have faith, new discoveries every day. Current examples include: 1. Pneumatic pinscreen toys 2. Dual Kart muffler systems 3. Robot teddy bears 4. Pet monitoring 5. Crash protection for pneumatic Shuffleboard 6. Possible locations in the middle East PinShareTweetShareShare0 Shares

Favorite toys by age and gender

We are trying to decide on toys for the Master’s lounges. Although the decision would ultimately be based on Master’s voting, it would be nice to receive suggestions for the lounges. For example what would be a likely ideal toy for the twelve year old boys lounge? PinShareTweetShareShare0 Shares

Hotel Stairs

The stairs are for evacuation and as a “feature” play area.  Therefore they should have a diameter of at least ten feet.  The balustrade should be transparent and extend to the roof for play (climbing net) and safety reasons.  The handrail should be either separate from the balustrade, or perhaps a narrow stretch of the […]

Birel RT

Has a lot to offer.  We found out about them by following Dan Demaras.  Deciding which Kart to buy for various ages and track conditions is very challenging.  My computer has been stolen and we have to rely on coffee shop modems.  Also we have no office space.  Until I can afford to move to […]

Quote from JIHAD VS MCWORLD by Barber

“Fed ex the Federalist Papers to Belorussia; send a multiparty system to Nigeria by parcel post; E mail the Chinese the Bill of Rights; ship the UN a civilian controlled, all volunteer, obedient but conscience-sensitive peacekeeping force from a country with a high tolerance for casualties and no interests of it’s own…..and in the flash […]