The comment “shower required” found in the Reception blog is a great way to introduce the topic of staff training.  The comment does not mean “Masters must have a shower”, but ” a shower must be available upon Master request”.  This speaks to fundamental differences with the current system and anticipated difficulties training those with […]


After completing the screening visit with computer a warm welcome is required.  The reception area includes infrastructure for the Train, Counsellor’s hotel, and Mechanic.  The screening takes place in a bullet proof glass cylinder, an Italian product.  Details have been stolen along with many specifications and drawings. The goal is to demonstrate to the Master […]

Research News

Greetings to subscribers Joe, Lucas, Robert and Tony. Interests/needs include:  Detailing for the columns to support the main hotel façade.  Drawings for flying lawn/net system on roof.  Fairly detailed concept, but no drawings or other written record. Resolution of the tunnel/bridge issue in the infrastructure corridor.  Detailed plans for the main cart bridge, train access, […]


Infrastructure and programs for those in wheelchairs has been a part of our plan from the beginning.  More than a decade ago we contacted various representative organizations and famous people in wheelchairs.  None have responded and are presumably either dead, useless, or professionals. The sk8 park features a ride from the apex (bunge jump) and […]


To our many new visitors around the world, including India, Austria, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Norway.  We appreciate your interest and encourage bids on KEEP. Blair