Pterodactyl Safety

The Pterodactyls are meant to add entertainment to vertical gaps that occur in the landscape of the active play zone.  For example a cable stretched from the top of the sk8 park to the go-cart lookout hill.  Or a nest at the top of Jump with a cable to a nearby high point.

The guided cable system is preferred because drones would be intimidating.  The birds could be targeted by a laser system remote controlled for vision safety.  Success results in discharge of the scents.  In the active area only unless the technology is very organic and artistic in manifestation.

Lavender is chosen for the Jump and sk8 birds as it may reduce anxiety, be entertaining, and treat fungal infections.  Orange is chosen for Growler as it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.  This is an opportunity for martial artists to learn autonomic control.

Drones may be part of perimeter security, making them anathema to the playground itself.

Other birds may be chosen by Forum vote, also other routes.

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