BIM will benefit Keep, and is rapidly evolving from 3D to 4D to virtual prototyping and reality.  Disadvantages include initial short term costs.   Design advantages include real time collaboration among professionals, contractors and inspectors.  What if scenarios can be tested.  Clashes can be predicted in geometry, reachability, fire,  earthquake, etc., response.   During construction […]

phone number

We now have one.  It is 236-3338-734    The next post will likely be on Building Information Modelling.  Blair PinShareTweetShareShare1+11 Shares

Pterodactyl Safety

The Pterodactyls are meant to add entertainment to vertical gaps that occur in the landscape of the active play zone.  For example a cable stretched from the top of the sk8 park to the go-cart lookout hill.  Or a nest at the top of Jump with a cable to a nearby high point. The guided […]


The first three floors accommodate only 9 Masters each, making for a total of 200 Parents. Parents stay free of charge, and attendance is a privilege, not a right.  Parents will supervise their children and support involvement in school and playground activities.  Parents are screened to preclude all but the most sensitive, prompt and effective […]


More information has been added to the Fragile House page.  If interested please go to the menu and click on Fragile House.  Blair PinShareTweetShareShare1+11 Shares


We would like to be on the grid, and aspire to export energy if possible.  Ten sources are contemplated.  Hydro via waterwheel instead of turbine.  That is because of the educational and entertainment value of waterwheels.  Specially designed slow generators are available.  Wind power has esthetic concerns, ie., an eyesore.  Also a setting with a […]


Some services will be available in the local town.  Pharmacy is in house, handled by the Physician.  Accounting for Keep is the responsibility of the Lawyer, with additional help with notary and clerical functions for Masters.  Dental service to be provided in town.  Fillings not extractions! Optometrist services subsidized and in town.  Haircuts subsidized in […]


This post is based on much more detailed information and specifications stolen along with our  computer!  A hasty summary is better than no post at all. Computer would be a mainframe in the main hotel.  Estimated cost $100,000 for the mainframe, $6 million for software.  Also the clinic, kitchen and computer will require clean rooms. […]