Birel RT

Has a lot to offer.  We found out about them by following Dan Demaras.  Deciding which Kart to buy for various ages and track conditions is very challenging.  My computer has been stolen and we have to rely on coffee shop modems.  Also we have no office space.  Until I can afford to move to […]

Quote from JIHAD VS MCWORLD by Barber

“Fed ex the Federalist Papers to Belorussia; send a multiparty system to Nigeria by parcel post; E mail the Chinese the Bill of Rights; ship the UN a civilian controlled, all volunteer, obedient but conscience-sensitive peacekeeping force from a country with a high tolerance for casualties and no interests of it’s own…..and in the flash […]


We generally prefer to have only a few armed responders and locate in a safe community. Growler would feature apersonal violence.  This would be achieved with customized street furniture, Bell, Duels, and other opportunities for intense martial activity.  Training with and use of lethal weapons not encouraged. The perimeter race track is an obvious opportunity […]