Some services will be available in the local town.  Pharmacy is in house, handled by the Physician.  Accounting for Keep is the responsibility of the Lawyer, with additional help with notary and clerical functions for Masters.  Dental service to be provided in town.  Fillings not extractions! Optometrist services subsidized and in town.  Haircuts subsidized in town, along with entertainment, garbage disposal, telephone to Keep, Clothing (some available at Keep, sewing repairs at Keep), ambulance, taxi, musical instruments (simple basic instruments available at Keep), mail, footwear, and fast food.  Church attendance will be supported with free bus service. Possible subsidy and even construction of staff housing in town.

Details of insurance coverage limits, luxury vs need issues, obviously have to be worked out.  Wherever possible we will use our collective bargaining advantage to benefit Masters and Staff.

We will invest in the town, eg., a small sk8 park and free ice cream cones and/or coffee for town youth as well as Masters.  Affordability an issue, and we intend to subsidize necessities, not luxuries.  Extra charges for some services.

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