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  1. We are deciding what toys to offer in the Master’s lounges. Although this would be based on their votes, it would be nice to receive suggestions as to favorite toys by age and gender. For example would fooseball be ideal for the ten year old girls’ lounge?

    1. Wow foosball isn’t even a real game defenetly wouldn’t be that fun for a ten year old . If the orphinanage needs help suggestions anything at all I have a few kids and have been watching raising and helping other with there kids since I was s kid my self. You can reach me at 2danmreal100@Gmail. Com my name is Jeffrey Thank you have a great day!!

  2. WELCOME Imagine you are ten and arriving at Keep. The first person you meet is your counsellor, and you enjoy a snack together while viewing the playground. Then on the Train to the Hotel. There your home counsellor offers food and laundry service. In your private room with a view and bathroom you meet Computer, planning a playground adventure together. On your way out you meet friends in the lounge who are going sk8ing, and join them.
    Thus begins one month of fun, learning and growth!

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