The first three floors accommodate only 9 Masters each, making for a total of 200 Parents. Parents stay free of charge, and attendance is a privilege, not a right.  Parents will supervise their children and support involvement in school and playground activities.  Parents are screened to preclude all but the most sensitive, prompt and effective responders.  This will greatly reduce the staff workload after Parents are settled into a routine.

Surprises will happen, and if a Parent is abusive or neglecting an eviction will result.  The Tribunal is responsible for this delicate matter.

Computer is familiar with the voice and medical record of Masters as a result of Reception.  Also weight, temperature and heart rate is monitored in the Bath area.  Failure to thrive would quickly be discovered.

The video program in Fragile House will help Parents and Staff.  We don’t want a prison culture to develop.  For example it would be too disruptive if Parents began thinking of themselves as “under investigation” or “trusted informers”.  Evictions will be as rapid and quiet as possible after due deliberation by the Tribunal.

Parent/Master interaction videos will be made for Parents and Staff.  Making and viewing the videos will focus attention on interaction quality and improvement.  For those who enjoy written analysis, a mom and tots observational code will be developed.  Time is on the x axis and parent response is on the y axis.  During any one time interval the baby will be either SLEEPING, DROWSY, FUSSING, CRYING, OR ALERT.  The Parents response during the interval will be gaze, eye contact, auditory stimulation, visual stimulation, physical comforting.  These will be summed and form a histogram for that time interval.

The purpose of the observational code is to focus on interaction and ways to improve performance.  Discussion about whether a baby is fussy or crying will encourage focused and analytic thinking.  Videos are voluntary, but many subtle monitors are in place.  If a Parent has never used Computer to contact School or Playground and watches her favorite soap operas four hours a day the Counselors, especially the Home Counselor, will offer support.  In case of failure to thrive the Physician would be notified and urgent investigation ensue.

Common investigation errors include:

  1.  Impressing the child with the power of authority.
  2.  Repeating questions or entire interviews until the desired response is obtained.
  3.  Rewarding or punishing responses
  4.  Implied guilt, eg., “what was he  wearing wearing when he abused you”.
  5.  Defamation of the target, ie., “he always does lots of bad things to people, not just you”.
  6.  Long delays
  7.  Interviewing during great stress.

Reference”  UNDERSTANDING OF CHILDREN’S TESTIMONY by Lamb and Thierry circa 2003

A fast cynical reading of the above may create the following misconceptions;

  1.  Parents outnumber Counselors and will “take over”.
  2.  There is nothing for parents to do, and
  3.  The floor lounges are too small

1.  Parents are a part of the team, not an enemy.  Abusive, negligent and apathetic behaviour is not seen as necessary.  That group would not get in, or be evicted.

Masters on floors 6&5 may be independent.

The fourth floor may also have only nine Masters.

As a result the number of parents may be only 150.

The parents lounge is also for 0-6 Masters, and parents are encouraged to help other people’s children. Parents have the short playground for their kids, and the tall playground for themselves.  Town visits are possible.

3.  Given 150 Parents with reservations at one time 20 may be in their rooms, and 18 already have a porch on the first floor.  Thirty may be in the short playground, ten in tall playground. That leaves at most 72 Parents in the 100ft X 100ft parents lounge or floor lounges.  If 40 are in the floor lounges, only 32 are left in the Parents lounge.

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