Personalize and Customize

Many new subscribers, about 200 and increasing exponentially.  Hence more blog posts!

To enhance feelings of safety and control it is desirable to customize many aspect of the hotel and playground experience.  This turns the room into “my room”.

In the room the Masters will be able to choose the rug and wall art, teddy bear, linen colour, etc.  The room door should have a picture of the Master or other sign personalizing the room.  Food preferences, political involvement desired, school course choices all noted by Computer and Counsellors.

Notice of playground que opportunities, based on noted play preferences, will be provided by Computer and friends.  Personal sk8 board, unique equipment settings, helmet and sk8 safety equipment all personally configured.  Also cart controls and bicycle seat height.

In the rooms favorite lighting patterns, music, movie and temperature settings all noted.

In the playground favorite play areas and friend groups noted.  Favorite clothing and props, blocking of unwanted e mail and phone calls.  Choice of Computer avatar and language.  Aquino makes, cardboard cubby holes, play areas all personally designed.

Finally the Maters will have a choice as to what their legacy will be as alumni of Keep.  Computer follow up will not be in the form of spying on ex Masters, but responding to their requests.


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