The comment “shower required” found in the Reception blog is a great way to introduce the topic of staff training.  The comment does not mean “Masters must have a shower”, but ” a shower must be available upon Master request”.  This speaks to fundamental differences with the current system and anticipated difficulties training those with experience in the current system.

Keep is  a Hotel, not a prison, school nor hospital.  Our purpose is not to control, train and fix children.  Status and remuneration at Keep is not inversely related to how intimate and meaningful the relationship with the child is.

A child found asleep at Keep will be carried to her bed.  Lighting and access to facilities will help determine Master behaviour, but there is no “bed time” in the prison sense.  Our hope is to determine need, rather than tell Masters what they need.   Participation is consent based.  Privacy is taken seriously, note Computer’s shell program.

Serious post placement planning is required, and a deposit for a possible extra month may be required.  We are not alarmed by Counselors who “encourage dependency” but simply accept that children are dependent.

We have common sense.  Although not all about control, we will “patronize” to prevent extremely dangerous behaviour.

Note comments in Glossary regarding the video component of staff training.


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