After completing the screening visit with computer a warm welcome is required.  The reception area includes infrastructure for the Train, Counsellor’s hotel, and Mechanic.  The screening takes place in a bullet proof glass cylinder, an Italian product.  Details have been stolen along with many specifications and drawings.

The goal is to demonstrate to the Master that she is safe and in control.  The small reception courtyard would include child size sculpture/fountain and a scented garden.  This leads to a solid rich wood door (similar to that found in Mansions) and the reception room itself.  Identification by Computer, introduction to his “free counsellor” and ensuring the Master has a plan with map to go to his room is the room’s function.  Only after the Master is in her room after meeting her Home Counsellor is the reception phase over.

Furniture in Reception to be luxurious and comfortable. Shower required.  Soundproofing from the area’s other activities, such as loading freight into the Train, would be necessary.  The intent is to “treat them like royalty” and lovingly welcome them.  This area would of course be expensive, and limited to reception use.

Drawings will be developed and published soon.  Many drawings, including that of the roof garden, have been stolen, and even they were just done with a ruler and compass.  Proper computer graphic help and Computer Assisted Design, obviously desperately required.


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