Infrastructure and programs for those in wheelchairs has been a part of our plan from the beginning.  More than a decade ago we contacted various representative organizations and famous people in wheelchairs.  None have responded.

The sk8 park features a ride from the apex (bunge jump) and sk8 runs.  The rooms feature wheelchair accessible fixtures in the bathrooms.  Aquino makes with assistance from pneumatic actuators will provide a lot of entertainment, mainly in the “medium” playgrounds.

Go-carts are obviously chair friendly, and plans are in the works for paraplegic choppers.

Computer could manifest as a Teddy Bear, eliminating the need for a keyboard.

If affordable the shuffleboards could be large enough to support wheelchairs.

Both Jump and Growler will require reinforced chairs, possibly of the “saddle type”. See JOCKEY BY KRABAT.

More to follow.  Blair

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