Sports for Babies and Toddlers

Generally the need is to avoid impact noise, drops, and rapid approaches. The Parent’s Lounge will be designed for that and include active and passive noise suppression.  Stroller’s stations will provide rhythmic movement for babies, allowing Parents to rest.

Stroller’s paths provide access to Gulf where babies may watch their siblings and friends participate in baby duck and mommy duck activities.  On the “creative” side of the building a trapeze range will develop range of motion and upper body strength.  For those with strong enough necks, jolly jumpers with side motion limiters will enable parents to stay close.

In each room two nests are present, one for the baby duck and one for the mother duck.  Sphagnum peat moss a likely safe material.  Also the rooms include ramps for toddlers, with sleeping nests for the babies.

The Diaper Zone and Bath areas include a pre mix to guarantee water temperature and sensors for computer diagnostics.  Crawl is a sport involving babies on a very soft bed.  They approach a very soft pillow lined drum and try to crawl under and through the obstruction.  Computer lifts the drum automatically given the slightest discomfort to the baby.  Parents must supervise.

More to follow.  Blair

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