Safety and enjoyment concerns

Reading pages like “radar” and some of the recent blog posts may encourage misconceptions about our program.  Computer would limit not only velocity but also acceleration of carts in very dangerous areas, such as parking lots.  Some Masters would be old enough for Govt. driver’s licences.  ICBC costs would be reduced by our driver training.

On the perimeter, the general idea is for Masters to be unaware of and not bothered in any way by the ambient problems.  Even showing a Master a weapon would be unacceptable, forget about bragging about lethal skills, etc.  The reality of watching an armed playground predator being disposed of would of course be traumatic, but less traumatic than being shot.  In a perfect world the perimeter would not be necessary. Every effort would be made to avoid violence.  To Computer a bus loaded with professionals speeding towards the perimeter would have the same status as a bus load of kidnappers approaching at high speed.  Weapons are controlled by Computer.  Weapons brought into the general playground area or pointed at Masters would, at the very least, not fire.  Most weapons would be fixed in place and not even capable of being pointed at a Master in the Playground.

Generally the bureaucrats and community would be well advised to look in a mirror rather than at Masters or Keep.

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