Quality is a dynamic concept based on timing, point of view, and specific goods and services.

In terms of “goods” we would offer a new state of the art Hotel, Playground and Computer.  The minimum capital investment is $200 million.  Estimated annual operating cost savings are $18.6 million.  Cheaper alternatives are not an option.

Timing is measured as delay in service provision, monitored by Computer.

We are left with “point of view” and “services” to consider.  Masters, Counselors, Customers, and Governors all have their own perspective.  The happiness of Masters is our primary concern.  However that depends on happy staff, customers and governors.

Masters have many opportunities to complain about and improve service quality.  All Counselors accept and act on complaints.  Floor Masters could take complaints to the Tribunal level quickly.  Computer could record and document complaints by Masters.

Counselors need training and proper pay.  Pay increases would be based on hours worked and completion of advanced training.  Three Counselors for eighteen Masters may seem a low number to some people.  However on the first seven floors Parents would help out a lot.  That leaves 42 Counselors for special teams such as grounds, culinary, laundry and housekeeping.  During late evening hours there would be less need for the Free Counselor role.  This would free up staff resources for other purposes, such as garden maintenance and perimeter Alert Team monitoring.

Customers pay for reservations.  We would assume parental powers during Master’s stay.  A delicate balancing act between Master’s request for privacy and need for post reservation planning would ensue. Home Counselors would help with this.  M.C.F.D,  would have post placement planning responsibilities.  Difficulties may ensue on a continuum of seriousness.  The least serious being reluctance to buy reservations, the most serious attempted “apprehension” of Masters. Information collected about Masters would be the property of Masters.  Permission from the Tribunal and Master would be required for release. A cultural MCFD change is mandatory.  Surprise visits to diagnose and apprehend Masters are out of the question.

Governors want return on investment.  That could take the form of profit or investment in services and depreciation allowance.  Counselors would be paid during training and receive benefits such as accommodation and food.  A decent salary is mandatory from the start.  Anything less than beginning at a living wage is unacceptable.

For a list of services offered please visit http://www.my-keep.com

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