Micro Irrigation and play fields

A weather station should be built to enhance the Computerized Maintenance Management System and provide educational and fun weather reports by Computer.

The buildings, paths, train tracks, roads and sk8 park will be hard surfaces, porous when possible.  That precludes large turf fields, but elevation contours will suggest locations for intensively managed turf fields. Traditional formal activities like golf and baseball are not appropriate.  Golf balls and clubs are dangerous, as are baseballs and bats!  Also a prolonged period of skill development and practice is require to play.  Given the short stays most Masters would not be ready for their first formal baseball game before it is time to leave Keep.  Also heavy expensive equipment is required for large fields.

Playhouse and the Playfields will require compost, and composting requires at least one year.  A delay between construction and opening will likely be required.  The play fields will generally be small , but with at least one field large enough for soccer.

Frequent mowing, aeration and overseeding will reduce the need for chemicals.  Nonetheless frequent soil testing would be a good idea.   Play fields could employ movable goals, lime markings, etc., to be more flexible in use.

Quality turf is soft, cool and attractive.  Uses like naps, daydreaming and bare foot walks are valid at Keep.

It would be best to locate where the soil is ideal for trees, turf and people rather than to choose drought tolerant plants, etc.

Irrigation water sources include potable, rain, aquifer, roof and hard surface run off, lake, and adjacent property run off.

Computer monitors wind speed, moisture level, sodium, bicarbonate, Ph., Mn, Al, NPK, E.Coli, Boron, etc.  Mechanical parts automated.

We own the water.
An air gap back flow preventer is required to separate potable and recycled water.

Our sewer system should not be required to supply irrigation water, but may supply energy and fertilizer.  All water must receive secondary treatment.  Drain tiles are required.

Blue dye controls algae by absorbing light.  Gulf includes an oxygenating waterfall.

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