The general purpose of Clubhouse is to provide a “wild night out on the town” for twelve year olds.  See drawing.

The sk8 area on the left includes an Ambrosia and Breast Milk bank.  Ambrosia is peaches, cream, honey, bananas and eggs thinned to preference with orange juice by Computer.  Sk8ers can travel up a ramp into the building for drama.  Air curtain door required for visibility.

The right side is for Kart parking.  Karts are not found throughout the playground.  Two obvious locations are Clubhouse and Forum.  Even Forum is not all that hi tech, but in the Julian pre Coliseum tradition, eg., picnics.  Computer will automatically limit Kart velocity in the Clubhouse and Forum areas.

The top area is for driver and pilot simulators.  Also models of Kart parts.

The point of view of the Clubhouse drawing is from above the train.  The main entrance is for performers arriving by train for concerts, plays, dance, light shows, etc.  The first floor is partly underground for silencing.


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