We have the conceptual design of a 720 room hotel and 200 acre playground for child protection.  In the BC Canada context we could dramatically improve quality of care and save taxpayers $18.6 million per year in operating costs alone.

This is our first attempt at a website, and more pages /drawings will follow.

Masters arrange their own lounge games, parties, campfires, etc.  The Floor Master is the leader, but individuals can choose not to vote or participate.  Twenty-one different awards (medals, trophies, etc.) are up for competition.  Awards are in four categories,  1.  Go-cart.  2.  Sk8  3.  Social/Academic  4.  Martial Arts

Security is provided by the Sheriff and Alert Team.  Sensors and surveillance with perimeter fencing is necessary.  It should be impossible for two people with rifles and a truck to crash our freight entrance.  Another concern is (hopefully) harmless pranksters attempting to cross the perimeter at night.  Memoranda of agreement are of course required with police, fire, ambulance, towing companies, etc.

Counselors enjoy many fringe benefits, including a mini hotel in the entrance building with tiny overnight rooms.  Training period paid.  Detailed knowledge of the Hotel and Playground will be taught.  Next videos of actors playing out Silly List scenarios will be viewed and discussed.  Much discussion and team building at this stage.  Finally special instruction for Home, Alert, Free, Culinary, Housekeeping and Grounds Counselors.