img004All Masters enjoy the playground.  The height area delineation is achieved with sculpture and portals, not fences.  Access between zones is on an invitation basis.

Equipment in the active area to be steel with a red and blue colour theme.  Wood equipment in the creative area with a brown and green theme.  Alert team distribution is zonal, with monitoring of all areas.  Free Counsellors follow play patterns and may concentrate in one busy area.

The Train is on the infrastructure corridor from entrance to Forum.  Exact route to be determined by Landscape Architect.  Bridges preferred over tunnels, with diorama along route.

The roof garden is on an axial span between the buildings.  Possibly a smoking area.  Elevator and other equipment on the base with a net climb to a top lawn.

Pneumatic actuators, message tubes , etc., may be included.  Micro irrigation managed by computer including weather, air, noise and water monitoring.

Queing factors include total previous turns, turns that day, time in line and court injunction.