Keep is similar to a hotel in that we would have reservations, be short term, provide room service and Concierge.

Differences include the perimeter, court and playground.

Keep is similar to a resort because of the playground of apx 2/3 mile by one mile (200 acres).  Computer would be responsible for maintenance in real time.  some hotels are close to this.  Visitors would be accepted for special events.  Independent infrastructure typical of resorts in idylic settings provided for security

Differences include the catchment area, which would tend to be the jurisdiction financing us.  Post reservation planning is essential in jurisdictions whose child protection standards are below the minimum acceptable level.   Although we would provide many amenities similar to a resort, they would be balanced to serve the needs of all age levels from birth to 21.  Our court and time out rooms would be based on positive results. Computer would have a personal relationship with Masters.

Keep would be similar to a residential club because we would accept group reservations of limited quantities, eg., ten.Our perimeter would be similar to many “gated communities”, but superior.  Single parents would form natural groups with their children, including those over seven.  Keep would enjoy full time legal protection against malicious and frivolous law suits, ridiculous adjacent development permits, etc.

Differences include no very long term stays, eg., leases, court, and social integration in playground political areas, such as Forum and Teen.

More to follow.  Blair