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Administration shall consist of Servant, Physician and Lawyer.  Given funding the first paid position to be the Servant, who then hires the Lawyer.  These costs and office overhead will be adequate for the contracting and jurisdictional period.

During the operational period, the Lawyer will supervise the Sheriff (who functions as prosecutor), and defend Masters in Court.  Conflicts of interest will hopefully be resolved in our “case law”, consisting of our record of Servant’s decisions and reasons.

The Lawyer also manages Memos of agreement.  The Sheriff could be contracted from Municipal, RCMP or Military police.  With assistance from Computer the Lawyer also manages all contracts, litigation, warranties and accounting responsibilities.

The Servant is the Judge, has signing authority and hires Staff.  The Servant, Physician and Lawyer will form a Tribunal.

The Physician will be hired during the planning and construction period if needed.  All staff will be expected to be very flexible, taking on tasks usually done by others.  The Physician supervises the Chef, environmental quality monitoring, and cleaning crews.  The “cleaning crews” are organized by Floor Masters and Home Counselors.  An autoclave, ultrasound, defibrillator will be provided.  Computer will help with Insurance, medical informatics, conferencing, etc.

The Administration will meet regularly with Tower Masters, Counselors Representatives, etc.  The Servant must not mind staying at home a lot, and holidays must be planned by the Tribunal.  A married couple may be ideal.

A Tower Office will be established in the planning/construction period.  Also if the Hotel is close to a town an office may be established there.

Blair Hewitt