We would like to be on the grid, and aspire to export energy if possible.  Ten sources are contemplated.  Hydro via waterwheel instead of turbine.  That is because of the educational and entertainment value of waterwheels.  Specially designed slow generators are available.  Wind power has esthetic concerns, ie., an eyesore.  Also a setting with a […]


Some services will be available in the local town.  Pharmacy is in house, handled by the Physician.  Accounting for Keep is the responsibility of the Lawyer, with additional help with notary and clerical functions for Masters.  Dental service to be provided in town.  Fillings not extractions! Optometrist services subsidized and in town.  Haircuts subsidized in […]


This post is based on much more detailed information and specifications stolen along with our  computer!  A hasty summary is better than no post at all. Computer would be a mainframe in the main hotel.  Estimated cost $100,000 for the mainframe, $6 million for software.  Also the clinic, kitchen and computer will require clean rooms. […]


Keep is not a prison.  Masters would be allowed to go when reasonable.  An eight year old with a hot dog announcing he is leaving at 11:00 PM to feed a cougar he spotted in the woods would not be allowed out. That does not mean we hate eight year olds and cougars.  Lawsuits, newspaper […]

Safety and enjoyment concerns

Reading pages like “radar” and some of the recent blog posts may encourage misconceptions about our program.  Computer would limit not only velocity but also acceleration of carts in very dangerous areas, such as parking lots.  Some Masters would be old enough for Govt. driver’s licenses.  ICBC costs would be reduced by our driver training. […]


Will not necessarily be published in this order, as it takes a surprising amount of creative energy to create a post.  Computer  Hair, dental and pet care  Custom weapons, eg., sub lethal, silencers, computer identification  Pterodactyl safety.  Medical informatics for insurance, hospital transfers, etc.  Forts  Twelve required in Raspberry PI. environments, with special surfacing and […]


Quality is a dynamic concept based on timing, point of view, and specific goods and services. In terms of “goods” we would offer a new state of the art Hotel, Playground and Computer.  The minimum capital investment is $200 million.  Estimated annual operating cost savings are $18.6 million.  Cheaper alternatives are not an option. Timing […]

Micro Irrigation and play fields

A weather station should be built to enhance the Computerized Maintenance Management System and provide educational and fun weather reports by Computer. The buildings, paths, train tracks, roads and sk8 park will be hard surfaces, porous when possible.  That precludes large turf fields, but elevation contours will suggest locations for intensively managed turf fields. Traditional […]