The task is to complete two laps of the figure eight and the exit path in less than a maximum period of time.  This demonstrates to the Mechanic and Computer that the driver is able to proceed safely.  The entrance and exit paths are not numbered.  1. Is a paved no go area.  2.  Is sand.  3. Is a stop sign with instructions to go slow and watch for pedestrians  4.  Is a go-cart.  5.  Is the pedestrian robot area  6.  Is a stop light and notice to go back or continue.  7.  Is the race track  All signs must be obeyed and no lines crossed to access the race track

3 thoughts on “GO-KART TEST TRACK

    1. On second thought if it was a race the task would be to complete the course in a minimum period of time. But the purpose is only to test the ability of the driver. Using a maximum period of time would screen out drivers who are too slow due to poor skill development, etc. Blair

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