We would like to be on the grid, and aspire to export energy if possible.  Ten sources are contemplated.

  1.  Hydro via waterwheel instead of turbine.  That is because of the educational and entertainment value of waterwheels.  Specially designed slow generators are available.
  2.  Wind power has esthetic concerns, ie., an eyesore.  Also a setting with a lot of wind power would not be ideal for a playground.
  3. Photoelectrics would be ideal for the covered paths in the playground and the building facade.  Play ground roofs would be used for other purposes (play lawns) and the Hotel roof has climbing nets where the photoelectric panels would be.
  4. Digestor for sewage and organic scraps
  5. Sterling engines are very powerful and may be part of a pneumatic program.  Can run on solar power simply by training a magnifying glass on the heat panel.
  6. Grid
  7.   Pedal power will be used for some play equipment, and hammering activates the synthetic earthquakes in Growler.
  8. Algae could be grown on the facade and supply fuel oil.
  9.  Natural gas for water heating and fuel for Campfire.
  10. Tribology program
  11. Gasoline or electricity or hybrid for karts
  12. Estimated minimum daily water consumption is 38,000 gallons

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