Will not necessarily be published in this order, as it takes a surprising amount of creative energy to create a post.

  1.  Computer
  2.  Hair, dental and pet care
  3.  Custom weapons, eg., sub lethal, silencers, computer identification
  4.  Pterodactyl safety.
  5.  Medical informatics for insurance, hospital transfers, etc.
  6.  Forts  Twelve required in Raspberry PI. environments, with special surfacing and connecting paths.  They tend to be expensive in the taller zones, but that is life.
  7.  Night program.  Obvious opportunities for Army training.  Maximum ten soldiers, unarmed on arrival for alert team training and games.  Maximum one tour per month.  All welcome from technology inclined cadets to seasoned commandos.  Must always be loving and kind towards Masters.
  8. Water
  9.  Sewer
  10.  Power generation
  11.  Ancillary products such as transportation, escort and group medical insurance
  12.  Logistics
  13.  Visitors, Friends, role models, artists, scholars, athletes, army.
  14. Lighting for Hotel, Fragile House and Clubhouse.  Lighting for Playground.  Esthetic and flood systems.
  15.  Awards

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