Drawings of these two are not in the site, but I have a painting of Campfire.

Playhouse is for creativity in many forms.  Gardening activities will fall into two categories, temporary and long term.  Temporary activities include sand mud and water play, creating rivers, lakes, dams, etc., for short term pleasure.  The long term activities support the micro-irrigation system and topiary.  For example a wire frame that willow branches are being trained on would be gardening with lasting results, and consistent with the landscape management program.  This is a fun voluntary activity, not cheap labour!  A nursery for potted plants, helping with weeding, are other examples.  Playhouse is for all ages, but Campfire is for single floor groups planned by floor masters.

Costumes, props, catering and musical instruments for the overnight Campfire experience would be stored in Playhouse.

Campfire is an overnight camping experience planned by floor masters.  Forest School like experiences included for fun.  Computer could offer courses in gardening and forestry.  Playhouse would provide the cardboard ply and sticks for forts and cubby holes at Campfire.  Two fires are available in the Campfire building, one wood and the other natural gas.  Atavistic experiences, like starting a fire with sticks and night games including telescopes, night vision and parabolic microphones a possibility.  Given the extreme back to nature program toxic plants would be even more of a concern than usual.

Playhouse functions include:

1.Catering for Fragile House, Forum and Campfire

2. Personal gardens

3. Pizza garden

4. orangerie

5. cardboard ply manufacturing

6. costume design and sewing

7. pet clinic

8. turf maintenance supplies and equipment

9. composting

More to follow.  Blair

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