Hi, welcome to Keep.  Writing in waves coffee in Vancouver BC.

Keep is a response to the great need in BC and the world.  The basic concept is simple and very old, just a hotel surrounded by a playground for child protection.  However the detailed planning is complicated.  The site is intended to help people understand what Keep could be and how it could help them.

Imagine that you are a child looking forward to staying with us.  Your first experience is at our perimeter, where you are cleared by computer and enter to meet your “free counsellor”.  You enjoy an ice cream cone together and view the 200 acre playground from the windows.  Then on to the train which gives you comfortable seating and a panoramic view as you cruise through the playground towards the hotel.  On your left is Clubhouse, with a BMX competition on.  Further along a diorama before the small bridge.  Entering the hotel you take the elevator to the tenth floor and meet your “home counsellor” who offers food and laundry service while showing you your room.  The room is private and you have your own bathroom.  Four ten year old friends and a counsellor are in the lounge waiting to go sk8ing.

You decide to enjoy a great meal, shower, and then nap for a while.  You talk with Computer for a while, and plan a playground adventure.

Thus begins one month of fun growing and learning.

For us now, please visit the Glossary and Drawings, first, then study in more detail.  We appreciate your support.  Blair

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